Alexie Word Collage

First Grade


My group decided that we would represent the Alexie text “Indian Education” using different collages. I chose to do a collage for the first grade section in Alexie’s piece. The meaning of this collage is to show how Alexie achieved strength. Bullying became a norm to Alexie. This shows through the way the word bullying is written. It is surrounding him and consuming him. He became so used to being put down because he stood out. It is as if the bullying became a part of his routine. As his story continues, Alexie changes. He is able to apply humor to his life. He is the color in his own life. This is why I chose to display the word “strength” in color. It represents Alexie and how he became a warrior , rather than let his experience weaken him. He keeps mentioning the word warrior in this section. I wanted his strength to be the main focus of my piece. He fought back. He stood up for himself. This is represented in the image of the word bullying being erased. It represents the final moment in the section when he was finished with being tormented. He took a stand in his life. He was making a change. My goal was to display this breakthrough for him. The reason I chose to use words instead of images was because it emphasizes the importance of language. It shows how language can be used to define a situation. The phrase “It’s a good day to die, it’s a good day to die” is said by Alexie. The word choice shows how Alexie was transforming into a warrior. He may have been in trouble, but he was a developing a stronger sense of self.

The collaborative process was interesting because we were all able to have our own unique ideas. We all wanted to make collages, but in our own way. It was interesting to hear about how my classmates would develop their ideas. We all worked together well and this benefited the project as a whole. We were able to see everyone’s creative side. We were all connecting to the text and bringing it to life.