Week 16: Paper Proposal

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Paper Proposal: Assignment Four (6-8 pages, at least 2500 words):

Your fourth assignment is to create your own scholarly literacy narrative. This will consist of a 6-8 page paper that spends at least some time reflecting on your first college semester. The paper will be
an autobiography-based narrative in which you consider yourself as a social subject shaped by And interacting within a broader world. You must use secondary sources to place your own literacy experiences in the context of broader, issue-based conversations.

Please provide short responses to the below topics:

Approach to the subject (including any multimodal component):
Literacy moments:
Issues they bring up:
Kinds of sources you will use and why they will benefit your paper:

  1. My approach to the subject is to write a literacy narrative where the words come to life and people could understand and picture what I am writing. I want to reflect on my entire freshman year of college. This has certainly been such a huge learning experience for me.
    I think an important literacy moment would be choosing a major and what inspired me to do so. I want to talk about the moments that not only took place in the classroom, but outside of it as well. I want my narrative to flow and reflect my individual personality.
    I want to use Mike Rose and how labels are brought up in his book. I want to relate to being labeled as a transfer and how I’ve been affected by it. I also want to use Douglass and his learning style. He learned on an everyday basis. I want to discuss how choosing my major was a step by step learning process and how I used my surroundings. I want to use these works to help strengthen my work and create connections.

    1. Daniela, this sounds great! I’m interested to see how you’ll show words coming to life!

  2. How English learners feel what English is and how they feel when they first get to expose to English. I’ve had first hand experience over this transiting from a Chinese education System to the American education system.I will write about how I transition from one edu to another. The difference between the two, and why people struggle through this transitioning. The expectations and environments are different. I’ll use Amy Tan and Shen’s piece since they are Asian writers. I feel amy tan’s experiences are similar mines, and her mother’s language barrier was one barrier that I had and surpassed. I will use scholar articles and texts we had studied in class.

    1. Fabulous, Sandy. This will be a good balance of your experience and your reactions to texts we read.

  3. The approach that i would like to use is expressing myself through writing. although i am thinking of adding a drawing that i drew this year because it relates very much to what i want to portray. I would like to write about my freshman year and how different both semesters were for me. At the same time how important they both were to my growing experience.
    The literacy moment that i really would like to write about is how i decided on the important things in my life. Where there are so many insignificant instances in my life i don’t realize them until something life changing occurs.
    I would like to write how my academic life and the one outside it helped me influence my decisions. I will use Rose to emphasis how it is important to find something that feels right even when they go against expectations. I would also like to use Shen and Rodriguez and how they bridged the gap between both their worlds.

    1. You should definitely add the drawing! This all sounds great as foils to your experience, particularly the bridging the gap stuff from Shen and Rodriguez.

  4. – I will look at how putting in effort has shown be that it is productive and I am seeing return.
    – Utilizing what I have been learning with in my profession.
    – Appreciating that there is more to get out of school then just grades.
    – Being the first student to get 100 on a quiz in one of my classes – the first for a particular professor
    – Knowing that the financial hardship is on me helps keep me motivated
    – I will look at sources like the scholarship boy, amy tan, and mike rose

    1. Great! The effort and the more than grades elements are so interesting, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they play out in what you write.

  5. I think my approach would be trying to relate the reader to me. Bringing up experiences and problems that most people go through their first semester in college. I believe that as soon as I am able to achieve this, I’m golden. Once I capture the reader the rest of the paper or story would go smoothly.
    I want to use sources like Gloria Anzaldua and Amy Tan’s literacy narratives and somehow merge them. I relate massively to both of them, so I think being able to use them correctly could help people relate to the paper.

    1. Alexandra, this sounds great! Your emphasis on reaching the reader sounds very productive, and both Anzaldua and Tan relate to that in interesting ways.

  6. My approach would be a comparison of American and Indian college education. I would like the focus more on my first semester in Queens college and the difficulties i faced after the gap of five years in education. I think one of my literacy moments would be getting A’s in my first semester. i would like to use Scholarship boy , Amy tan’s mother tongue and mike rose.

    1. Sounds great, Faheem! I’ll be interested to see how you relate those three texts to your dual experiences!

  7. Approach to the subject (including any multimodal component):
    My approach is to highlight the correlations between the literacy text we read and my freshman year of college. I want to identify shared experiences and just be open to my journey thus far.
    Literacy moments: This class. This class has taught me to explore beyond the surface of a text/narrative. I am now able to delve even deeper into a text and accept/challenge different perspectives. I have begun using some tips discussed in this class. (superman pose)
    Issues they bring up: Cracks within the educational system. What defines intelligence? Why is it that we are lectured and not taught? Why are students still struggling to learn ,even in college?
    Kinds of sources you will use and why they will benefit your paper: Definitely Mike Rose and Amy Tan

    1. This sounds fabulous, Danielle! Looking forward to reading it.

  8. The approach I will use to write my piece is to simply get the reader to feel my emotions through my paper. I wish to translate how I felt as an incoming freshman and the thoughts surrounding that into words that can capture my readers attention (I want to bridge a connection in a way). I just want the reader to really get a feel of my character and my view on certain situations.
    Major literacy moments that I will focus on is definitely building my own writing style (the trouble I had with it) and also the struggles I had my first semester. I also want to highlight my accomplishments to show a turning point throughout my journey through my first year.
    The sources I will use will be Amy Tan, Mike Rose and possibly connecting Scholarship Boy with Richard Rodriguez.

    1. Shana, I love this aspect of translation/bridging that you are honing in on. It all sounds great!

  9. I think my approach into writing my final paper is to demonstrate a voice or writing style that is unique to me to lure in the reader. I am not looking to be formal in my paper, some vocabulary I use may be vulgar or lack sophistication but overall, it is “me”. I want to talk about some books I have read and how they impacted me for example like the novel, The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky and relate it to my experience. My main motive is to explain the connection between a book or a piece of writing towards the individual. I will use Mike Rose and Lives on the Boundary as a case to frame my personal experience as well as include ideas from the sources we read in class.

    1. Expressing YOU is exactly what this assignment is about! Looking forward to reading it.

  10. For my final paper I’m planning to use Shen, The Classroom and the Wider Culture, Lives on the Boundaries by Mike Rose and Mother Tongue by Amy Tan. With these readings I plan to discuss my college experience. I will connect to some other the students in Mike Rose and how they were able to succeed after going through the difficult time in school. Also maybe incorportate some of the literacy narrative; especially Soliday’s in which I would demonstrate the aspects of a literacy narrative.

    1. That sounds great, Luvenia! The aspect of connecting to Rose’s students sounds really neat!

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