Class Description & Learning Objectives

Course Description: In this course, we will explore the relationship between the writer and society through a specific (though widely conceived) genre: the literacy narrative. Generally, literacy narratives are (sometimes autobiographical) accounts that can address many facets of learning to read and write, from process to identity to personal history to social commentary. We will angle it specifically toward the development of and description of the educated (and educating) self, using both contextualizations of the literacy narrative form, other narratives about education in its various forms, and your writings on your experiences here at Queens.

Learning Objectives:
1. Development of critical and analytical skills through close readings of narrative essays and supporting scholarly materials, to be explored in different ways.

2. Transition from high school writing to appropriate college-level academic discourse, from the articulation of a salient thesis through the development of a coherent argument, in multiple-draft essay assignments.

3. Completion of a research paper that illustrates appropriate library research on an assigned topic through the use of relevant scholarly sources and evidence, and demonstrates proper quotation and MLA citation and documentation.

4. Identification of different genres and modes of writing – including narration, analysis, argument, reflection – and the various social and cultural constructs that can influence them.

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