Thursday reading; class cancelled Thurs. 3/23

Hi all,

I’m cancelling class on Thursday 3/23; you can use the time to work on the drafts of your comparison paper (or sleep or other work!).

Another update: in that paper, you’ll be comparing “Black Panther” with LEMONADE instead of Beloved.

Finally, in an effort to get more of you to step up and share your thoughts in discussion, our reading for Thursday will be revisiting the Playing in the Dark chapters, instead of tackling Love & Theft. This is not an intro class; it’s a seminar that runs on participation. If you aren’t coming to office hours and discussing your ideas AND you aren’t volunteering your ideas in class, you are failing the participation portion (which is a third of your final grade). (When I ask for discussion questions or preliminary thoughts, everyone should have something to say.)

As I write in the syllabus, I know speaking up is not everyone’s favorite activity, but it’s expected of you in this seminar and in all others. Finally, it isn’t fair for less than half the class and me to have to generate all the ideas and questions.

Take care,

Prof. A

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