Individual conferences and last session

Hi folks,

As you know from the course calendar, next Tuesday 5/9 and Thursday 5/11 are individual conferences. This means that you’ll sign up for a ten-minute slot to discuss your emerging final paper ideas with me. You’ll give me an overview of where you are in your thinking and how you’d like to craft an argument about The Turner House and another text that you’ll tell me about. (This also means that if you do not have other classes on the day you choose for your conference, you don’t have to come to campus.)

Please sign up here by Monday, 5/8, at 5 pm. My Skype username is hilarie.ashton.

You’ll also have noticed that our last session, on Tuesday 5/16, is student-run.┬áThe content of what we discuss and the format of our discussion is up to you as a group – I just ask that the topic have something to do with a text or idea we covered in class this term. Creativity is welcome here!

Take care,

Prof. A


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