Evaluation & Grading

I assess written assignments for clarity and development of thesis and argument, sufficiency of evidence and citation, depth of analysis, cogency of structure, and style. All other written material, including revisions, in-class freewriting, and other informal writing, will be assessed for completeness, effort, content, quantity, and timeliness.

The three papers/projects count for 60% of your grade (20% each); in-class writing counts for 10%; and class participation and discussion groups count for 30%. QC’s grading scale is here: http://tinyurl.com/jz63pl7.

If you need to discuss a grade, I’m happy to do so, at least one day after you’ve received and read my feedback. Before getting in touch, be sure you’ve carefully read all my comments (in the margins and summative), and that you’ve referred back to the rubric. This course is designed for you to learn and to succeed. If you attend all sessions and submit all work on time, you are guaranteed a course grade of at least a C.

Formatting Papers: Papers must be double-spaced and in a legible font (such as Times New Roman or Arial) no larger than size 12, and must include page numbers, a heading, and a title. Please submit as a .doc file. You can access Word for free through Queens College, or you can download a free, open-source program that also produces .doc files, such as OpenOffice.

Submitting Papers: You must hand in all papers on Dropittome, a site that delivers to my Dropbox, by 5 PM on the due date. Late assignments will drop your grade by a third of a letter grade for each day late (so an A- paper handed in four days late automatically becomes a C+). Incomplete assignments can lower your grade by as much as a letter grade. You must save your paper with a filename that includes the number of the class, your name, and assignment (for example, mine would be 110_HAshton_Analytical; yours will obviously include your name instead). I really appreciate you doing this correctly, as it makes my grading life a lot easier.

To submit your paper on Dropittome, upload it here: http://www.dropitto.me/hashton, using the password qcenglish!. You should save a screenshot after you submit your file, in case it doesn’t go. You’ll know it goes through when a small checkmark appears on the right of your screen. It’s subtle, but it’s there.