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      N. Haywood

      Finally the semester is almost over. I must say that I’m going to miss coming to class, as funny as it may seem I thought this class was going to stress me out but to my surprise it’s the only one I look forward to. My professor is awesome and if he was teaching another class I would take it. Got luck on the final…. Think share pair….

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      Lissemore has to be one of my favorite professors! He never fails to keep me entertained, such a funny man! Love this class and I too would take him again! But I can’t lie I’m ready for it to me over!!!

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      Nancy A

      I must agree. Anatomy and Physiology is such daunting course for anyone who plans to take it on. Prof. Lissemore  was meant to teach this course. Truly! He brings just the right amount of humor to soften the usual starchiness of such a serious subject.

      I would take any class that he is teaching. When I am asked “What classes have you taken and who do you recommend?” I answer: “Have you taken A&P? You HAVE to take Lissemore!” He truly takes the time out to describe the anatomy and mechanisms in an understandable and relatable way instead of droning on and on (think “Bueller? Bueller?”).

      I’ve always had a passion for the subject but now I’m actually thinking of maybe teaching it in the future.

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