Life happens.

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      This week seems to be a struggle for a lot of us. I had set plans to study and make time but life just seemed to happen this week. A lot of unwanted stress this week, I hope that doesn’t hurt my quiz grade. Good luck to all for tomorrows quiz and just remember to breathe!

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      Sharene Vaughn

      I totally agree, everything is beginning to narrow in, we have to relax, relate, release….it’s almost over!


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        Absolutely, just 2 more classes and a final. WE GOT THIS!

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      I agree it is really hard to make time to study. I always keep my notecards in my bag in case a situation happens (like train being delayed) to study. I think the notecards are a helpful tool because they are so portable. I always find myself studying them on my break at work or in the morning before school. I think its really hard to have a set time to study especially if you plan one. I think finding any opportunity to study is how I study the most.

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