Studying for Chapter 6A

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      Lot of information incorporated on this week’s quiz. I have found that studying and learning the labeling of the visual diagrams first, has come in handy! Hope this helps someone the way it helped me!

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      Ilka Rios

      I actually found that to be true.  I worked on the diagrams during the break and found I was able to remember more than I usually do.  Hopefully I have found the secret for this exam.

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      Isamar Martinez

      Thank you for the studying tip for this week’s quiz! It is very helpful to learn the labeling of the visual diagrams first!

      I have been reviewing the lecture slides and listening to my recording of this lecture as well over break. It is a lot of information and seems a little harder than the lectures before the midterm.

      Hopefully, we will all do great on this quiz!

      Good luck to everyone!!

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      Hey, just had a question on the diagram for the last page.  I believe numbers 97 and 98 are switched.  Isn’t the Horizontal Process the smaller, posterior 1/3 of the Palatine Process?  If anyone can help clear it up for me that would be great!  Thanks

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      Nancy A

      Is anyone else having trouble with Dropbox. I had printed the worksheet up but just noticed I was missing the last 10 questions. When I went back to look for the worksheet it was gone. Anyone else having the same problem?

      This chapter is not definitely full of a lot of terms. We didn’t have to remember processes and foramen before but with the skull we do. Thankfully there aren’t to many bones in the skull.

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      I wish I had read this earlier i was spending a lot of time trying to memorize the material as vocab but once i started studying the diagrams it made the fill ins so easy. Studying the diagrams helps to much and then taking that knowledge and studying the vocab made it so much easier. I was really just memorizing the fill ins and the matching but now that i understand the diagrams i really understand the material and it is so much easier. thanks for the tip!!!!

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      You’re welcome to all! Maybe this method will come in handy for the next few quizzes. Quite the class today….thank God we aren’t computer science majors lol….Have a good weekend folks!

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