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Doll's House Review by Kevin

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      Kevin Liu

      The Doll’s House play was the first play I’ve actually seen. It was completely different from what I thought it was going to be. The stage was a professional replica of an actual house. The lighting made this replica feel very realistic and the position it was placed in allowed me to see the entire house. It was very effective since it allowed me to witness what Torvald was doing with the doctor while witnessing mainly what Nora was doing. Nora was very enthusiastic just as I had imagined it to be in my head. The actors were very on point with their roles. As a matter of fact, the energy that Nora displayed was so tremendous that for a moment I forgot that I was watching a play. I felt as if I was in the play myself.
      Through out the play, I was hit with some intense emotion. One scene when Nora was being threatened to persuade her husband get the man’s job back made me feel a thrill and that Nora was in danger. Although I knew what was already going to happen, the atmosphere that this specific acting gave me was completely different than how I pictured it in my head. In addition to this atmosphere, these actors and actresses played their role so well that the entire play became realistic to me. The lighting that they used during the performance also contributed to the realistic atmosphere. I could tell that these actors and actresses practiced long and hard until they’ve mastered it. With their precise timing and effortless sequencing, these performers are more than just actors and actresses. They are the actual characters themselves.
      Their use of tones and different emotions were very intriguing to me. It was very on point every body movement and what they were saying were completely in sync. This synchronization allowed me to enjoy the play even more because I could let loose without a single concern of my environment. The last time I felt this way was probably when I was a young child with a strong curiosity watching cartoons on the television without a single care in the world. This definitely means something because in order to make me re-live something from my childhood, one would have to incorporate some powerful techniques to do so. I also loved how coordinated everybody is and how they used body language to portray a more accurate depiction of the characters’ emotions. When Nora was in fear and anxious after being threatened, she became more tense and slouched into negative body language. Nora’s husband Torvald, who owned the bank (a very high value position) maintained very positive and authoritative body language.
      The audience was also seated very conveniently in a black box theatre layout which allowed us to see the entire stage clearly and efficiently. This type of space is probably very versatile and easy for them to re-arrange. The costumes that the actors used during the play were also very fitting with their role and time period. Nora’s dress was very well made. I could tell that a lot of time and effort was put into making these constumes. Torvald’s outfit also suited the performer because it was very classy and made them look very high-end and rich. Since Torvald is the owner of the bank, such a high-end apparel fit his look very well.
      I thought that Dr.Rank would be portrayed with a lot more character as I had imagined him to be in my head. In this play Dr.Rank was really a side character who did not do much besides be Nora’s admirer on the side. I expected Dr.Rank to be a very mobile and intelligent individual but in this performance, the performers made him out to be more an extreme side character with absolutely no role at all. In addition I thought that the maid played her role very well being an actual side character, all she had to do was clean the room and put up the ornaments and follow Nora’s commands. It was interesting to see how Nora rushed her to do things and she’d have to hurry and follow through very quickly and consistently. Even though the maid was a low-key side character, she played a role by having to go outside to check the mailbox which contained the letter that Torvald’s friend used to blackmail her into getting her to persuade Torvald to get back his job.
      The Doll’s House play at Hunter College was very cohesive and professionally arranged. I would definitely go see it again if I can because I learned a lot from these actors and actresses. Their incorporation of top-notch body language, body movement, and voice tone really intrigued me a lot.


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