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Mamma Mia! reviewed by Anna-Marie Moran

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      Anna-Marie Moran

      Performance Reflection

      THEA 101



      Mamma Mia!

      Attended: February 11<sup>th</sup>

      Venue: Broadhurst Theatre


      The production of Mamma Mia! was one of the most easy going, fun, laughable, and dance in your seat Broadway show out there right now.  This play was about a young girl who was getting married but she wanted her father to give her away, but she didn’t know who the father was. So she invited three potential suitors who could be her father. Throughout the play there was love, pain, laughter, a bit of confusion and non-stop music in order to find out who the father was. Three particular moments or musical performances stood out which lead to the most cheerful and interactive finale yet.

      Mamma Mia!; had a song in almost every scene. The first moment was the scene where “Lay All Your Love on Me” was performed by the characters Sky and Sophie. Sky and Sophie are the two people whom are getting married. The song was about how they met, and how much they love each other, and that’s why they are getting married at such a young age. The whole scene was entertaining because even though the song was serious, because it was about how much they mean to each other; With each minute the boy was taking off clothing and performing strange dance moves in order to make the audience laugh. By the end of the song the music was loud the ensemble was laughing and Sky was on the ground with his underpants on and shirtless while Sophie was on top of him. This scene was in the beginning of the play which gave us a sneak peek of how funny and light the play was. While this scene had its laughs and jokes, the character Sky felt a bit awkward on stage and I didn’t feel the connection between the two characters. It felt like an act, and that he didn’t want to be undressing. The character Sky just looked uncomfortable in this scene, which made me lose the sense of how much the loved each other.  I felt like the overall scene was successful with making the audience more lively and cheerful but I feel like the character Sky failed at making the audience believe he was really in love with Sophie.

      The second moment where I felt the scene was completely successful in order to lead up to an amazing interactive finale was when the mother of Sophie and her two friends preformed the song “Dancing Queen”.  At this point in the play the mother Donna has found out that three of her ex-boyfriends and one whom she really fell in love with are staying at her hotel because her daughter invited them to the wedding.  Donna is overwhelmed with this news and is having a hard time being able to talk to one of her ex-lovers named Sam Carmichael. She is confused and doesn’t understand why Sophie invited them, and she herself doesn’t know who the actual father is. In this scene Donna is lying in bed motionless and crying. Her two friends come in to try to cheer her up and it ends up becoming an extravagant event. Props on the stage are flying around, colorful costumes are put on and the three ladies are doing the number “Dancing Queen”. They use to sing this when they were younger and didn’t have a care in the world. The mother Donna needed this song in order to let loose for a little and forget about her problems. This was my favorite scene in the show, because her two friends Tanya and Rosie were dressed in ridiculous costumes and dancing like they were 16 all over again. What made it amusing was when they realized how old they have become and started pulling muscles while dancing. I thought the director did a great job of portraying how these characters are old but will always be young at heart. What made this scene even better is that the actors encouraged the audience the sing along with them. Thus you hear the audience singing with, and you see people dancing in their seats with their friends. The objective of this scene was to make Donna forget about her worries, but it also created the audience to live in the moment and forget about their problems too.

      The last moment was the climactic scene of the whole play. The entire cast of Mamma Mia! was involved, and the number they performed was “Voulez-Vous”. This scene set a different tone of the play, instead of the cheerful tone, it was more suspenseful but still lively as ever. In this scene the three potential fathers tell Sophie that each one is the father and that they are going to walk her down the aisle. Sophie is starting to realize that inviting all of them to her wedding was a bad idea and now she doesn’t know who is going to walk her down the aisle and how she will tell her mother. While all of this was going on the music in the background was “Voulez-Vous”. Everyone is singing and dancing with glittered outfits on. The lights are all in different colors, moving in every which way. The chairs and props on stage kept moving around. Everyone was dancing with a new person every five seconds. So much was going on in this scene which made it a chaotic environment which I feel that’s what the director exactly wanted. It was to coincide with Sophie’s feelings in that moment. She felt overwhelmed and stressed which showed even more when everything was going on at once.  I felt that this whole part was pure genius because even though the tone was different it still was as intriguing; wanting to know what happens after.

      As the show went on the climax settled and in the end her mother walked her down the aisle. But the couple ended up not getting married because they felt they were too young to, so they decided to travel the world. Instead Donna the mother got married to one of her ex’s, Sam. The last song of course they played again was “Mamma Mia” and “Dancing Queen”. In which at this time the actors encouraged the audience to get up and dance. So one by one people got up from their seats and danced along with the actors. Mamma Mia made their show interactive which was a nice change, because usually plays are passive these days. But these three particular moments/ musical numbers contributed to the finale, because little by little the actors made the audience feel more comfortable in order to join in to sing and dance. Mamma Mia was a light and joyful show that helped the audience have a simple fun night out.

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