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Congrats and thank you, Futures Initiative Scholars!

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      Katina Rogers

      Hello everyone,

      First of all, congratulations to all of our Futures Initiative Scholars! You did amazing work this semester, and we loved reading your blog posts and seeing your classes’ final projects.

      We also want to say THANK YOU to everyone who joined us on May 22 for our reception celebrating your achievements. The evening was fun and inspiring—all thanks to your work and energy. The Futures Initiative team loved meeting you. Photos from the evening, including those from the photo booth, are available at

      Finally, congratulations again to our Futures Initiative Mentors. We can’t wait to continue working with you later this summer as we build—together—a network of support for your fellow students. We’ve announced your participation in our latest newsletter and in this blog post.

      You’ll see some changes on this site in the months ahead as we prepare to welcome new students in different classes, but you are very welcome to continue participating in discussions. We would love to continue hearing your voice!

      It has been a true pleasure to work with you all this semester. Have a fabulous summer.

      Katina Rogers
      Deputy Director, The Futures Initiative

      Cathy Davidson
      Director, The Futures Initiative
      Professor, Mapping the Futures of Higher Education

      William Kelly
      President Emeritus, The Graduate Center
      Professor, Mapping the Futures of Higher Education

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