Cool Vids!

Hey Everyone! I’m taking Hearing Science this semester and these videos were shown in my class tonight. I thought they were really cool and helpful. Just thought I’d share them here!

3 thoughts on “Cool Vids!”

  1. Thank you for sharing those videos! Watching these videos and many others are truly helping me study for my upcoming quiz on the Anatomy of Phonation. Besides YouTube, you can also check out the Anatomy Zone website for other cool and interesting videos. I believe that watching these videos as you study will help you gain a better understanding of the professors lecture and your notes!
    The website is:

  2. These videos are great! I must agree with Isamar, these videos certainly give a ton of clarification during studying and down time. Reading the material is a lot easier when you’ve watched the videos because the visual in your mind instantly creates a better understanding if there is any confusion about the lecture notes. Anatomy Zone is fantastic as well, anyone who hasn’t checked it out yet should make it number one on their to do list!

  3. Thank you so much for posting! I am taking hearing science this summer and I appreciate the little peak into what I will be doing this summer. Any helpful tips on having a successful summer session?

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