Tamara was the first to join our map!

Hey All,

Tamara was the first to add herself to our A&P@Lehman map! When are you guys going to join in?

Click on “Map Marker Pro” at the top of the page and then click on “List All Layers”. When you see our map, go back to the “Maps Marker Pro” and click on “Add new marker”.

Name your marker and put the nearest Post Office to your home as the address or another address that is near to where you live. To protect your privacy, there is no need to put your home address on the map.

Below the map you are permitted to “add media” to your marker. Have as much fun with that as you like.

Hopefully, we’ll all be on the map very soon!

See you Friday morning. ~RL

3 thoughts on “Tamara was the first to join our map!”

  1. I tried adding my marker to the map and it says I did, but now when I go to it I don’t see any markers on the map. Maybe I’m on a different map? Is anyone else having this issue?!

  2. I’m also having a problem adding myself to the map. I cannot find out layer, most of the layers are labeled “student selfies”. I might be in the wrong place. I emailed prof. Lissemore, hopefully I can figure out what layer I’m suppose to put my mark on.

  3. Hi! Followed the steps as well and I still can’t see any markers. maybe there’s a step I’m missing. When I go to list all markers, I’m on the list. However, when I go to the map I see nothing. Has anyone been successful with this marker process? HELP!

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