6 thoughts on “Study help on the larynx & Phonation”

  1. Awesome, I’ll check this out. In fact I may have came across it already. I too have been you tubing some stuff from this class. But thanks for the links…def will look into them.


    1. Thank you so much I will definitely be checking out after I leave class tonight. All the help I can get is well appreciated. I guess I will have to add you tubing to my study aids since it seems to be helping a few of you guys.

  2. I found this videos very helpful thank you for posting! Sometimes I feel like I know the definitions of things but how they actually work together is something easier to see in a video other than just words. Like this week when our classmates explains the structures and functions of the laryngeal system by acting it out and using there bodies I found very helpful to see it acted out.

  3. i must say this totally helped me on the midterm! How did everyone else feel about the midterm? I felt that it was really fair and that by watching different videos, I was able to understand the function of each cartilage, muscle, etc. I recommend that we all take advantage of the different videos on anatomy zone and on youtube because they will help us a lot on the midterm. Also I find that talking about anatomy for about 30 minutes a day and explaining it to them, helps me retain information. Not sure how I did on the midterm, but if anyone wants to start preparing for the final after spring break let me know!

  4. These links were so helpful and very useful for me. Thanks for posting the links for the class! The different links each provided a lot of clarity and painted a better overall image of the functions of the different muscles and cartilage.

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