How has everyone’s midterm recovery week been?

Personally I was finally able to breathe and get some sleep, and catch up on other class work. Any thoughts about that midterm before we get it back on Friday?



6 thoughts on “How has everyone’s midterm recovery week been?”

  1. Relieved it’s over! Think the test was extremely fair and Professor Lissemore prepared us very well. His advice on studying every day really works. I study anatomy one hour a day so I’m not stressed when we have quizzes or when we have our final. Hope we all did well!!

  2. This midterm had a lot of information that we needed to know, and I think those weekly quizzes took a lot of stress off of me for the midterm but that doesn’t mean I didn’t stress at all. This midterm definetly took a lot out of me during the week and created some anxiety and I just couldn’t wait for it to be over. Once it was over I immediately felt less stressed, but I think I made myself more stressed and anxious than I should have because like Richard says, “we’ve seen it all before” so thanks Professor for your way of teaching!!

    1. I am relieved it’s over but anxious to see how I did. This has been a stressful time trying to get this info in and I know it’s not the Professor because the method is really helpful but at my age trying to retain it is hard. The 2nd part of the class I hope to come back stronger as I know I can.

      1. Hey Ilka,

        Don’t be down-casted it was a lot of information to retain and “yes” Professor L, was very generous and helpful, but everyone has busy lives and our studying habits is not what we would like it to be.


  3. I Am so relieved it was over. I struggle with anxiety and although I studied and used different methods it was definitely a stressful few weeks. As we discussed today I think that discussing the long answers beforehand will help me immensely. I struggled putting things together a dumped a lot of my sentences and wasn’t able to connect the dots. I definitely know what I need to do in the future and really love prof. Lissemore and his teaching methods and I really think the test was a fair one!

  4. I was super anxious and stressed the week of the midterm. after the midterm I felt like a weight lifted over me, I was so glad it was over. today we got our midterm grades, and I’m satisfied with my grade. the only thing I think ill do a little different for the final is study the long answer questions more in terms of organizing my thoughts.

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