A proposed A&P study group?

How might you guys feel about establishing an informal A&P study group that would meet on Fridays after class? Perhaps there could be a 20-minute break and then you guys could reconvene from 12 noon to 1:00 pm. If you feel that you need my assistance, I could stay (when my schedule allows). But it might be best if this was a peer-led, peer-driven enterprise.

The group could appoint a “reporter” who would be the person responsible for reporting back to me. Questions that arise could then be emailed to me or could be discussed in the following class.

Thoughts on this??

8 thoughts on “A proposed A&P study group?”

  1. In my midterm I did good but not excellent as I wanted. But I do admit I did not let enough time for me study all the material. For the final I will be more prepared because I will apply techniques I failed to do for the midterm.
    About this study group, I’m willing to try and see how it goes but I’m more of a ”alone studier”. But I will defenetly try it if it goes on effect.

  2. It sounds a like a good idea, and helpful way to understand the material. I will stay/participate in the study group, and see how it goes. If we do get this to happen.

  3. I’m in. I think it’s a great idea. I currently do this with my peers in hearing science and I am able to retain a lot of the information. I’m sure we can all help eachother in the areas in which we arn’t clear. Hopefully more people will join us!

  4. I can definitely stay for this group. I would not mind at all. I usually am not about studying with groups but this semester I feel I may have too. I am available even during the break. Anyone interested can send me an email @ panamasilk1@yahoo.com and we can meet up.

  5. I think it would be a great idea but what would we be covering exactly? Would we be discussing the lecture that was just given or the previous week’s material? It would be great if it was peer led by a former student that did well in the class (or if Prof. Lissemore is willing to stay even better). We do review sessions before exams for my Phonetics class with TAs that took the class and did well and it helps.

    1. I think the ideal situation would be if it were peer-led by YOU GUYS. If you can understand yourselves and explain to one another, then I think some powerful learning can really happen.

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