Bones of the Skull Coloring Pages

Hey all,

I found a couple of coloring pages that I thought may help those that asked for more of a visual way to study.  I find these helpful and hope you do too!

Anterior View

Lateral View

7 thoughts on “Bones of the Skull Coloring Pages”

  1. Thank you I found these very helpful I watch a lot of videos because i find it more helpful then just looking at the pictures on the slides or in the text book. I think the coloring pages are great one of my friends in another a&p class has to do them for homework. While I’m happy we don’t have to do them for homework they are really helpful for seeing how things connect to each other especially with different views of the same picture.

  2. I will certainly be using these printouts…these are very helpful, I work at an after school program with children and i’m always printing worksheets for them. When did I ever think i’d be doing the same exact thing to help me study!
    Thank you!

  3. Thank you! I found this very helpful. It makes it more clear and less confusing to know what is what. I was having some trouble figuring out the pictures from the slide show because of the angle. I was confusing the mandible with the maxillae. This picture however, is straight to the point…

  4. I discovered this kind of late but thank you so much these will really help! These diagrams will help me understand fully of the structures and their locations. I was worried about understanding every single bones of the skull but this might really help. Thanks!

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