Friday’s Meditation Session

Hey all,

I’m not sure about the rest of you but I really enjoyed the experiment Friday.  Just being able to feel the difference between rushing into a “test” situation and taking the time to close your eyes and meditate for a few minutes, release the stress, and empty your mind of unwanted distractions.  What a huge difference!  Those of you not used to meditation may find it hard to find focus and empty your minds or you just may find it silly.  Either way, if you practice at home before you work your study sheets or review you will find it easier to find your quiet place and your study time will be more focused and driven!

Have a great week everyone and Nameste!


6 thoughts on “Friday’s Meditation Session”

  1. The in class relaxing exercise was interesting. At first I was a little anxious as to what was going to happen but I was able to relax a little. I feel if we had more time I would have been able to really relax. This was interesting because a lot of us have pretty hectic lives always running around, this showed that we can take a few minutes to just relax and then get back to whatever task it is we are dealing with.

  2. The first time we had to look at the picture, and then document our stories, I felt anxious. When we did the meditation exercise, I felt better when I was writing a second description; the meditation took the anxiety away for the second half of the assessment. I would recommend doing the meditation exercise before studying, or before a test. I remember doing the same exercise in a meditation class I took years ago. When the teacher rang the bell, we had to focus on the sound, and keep our minds clear. When our minds would drift off, we had to say, “focus,” in our minds to bring us back to the present moment. That meditation was all about staying in the present moment, which is really hard to do when you think about it!

  3. This exercise in class was pretty cool but I dont think it’s a strategy I would use in the future. When observing the picture for 10 seconds made me look for more details and had my brain pumping when relaxing for a few moments just made me anxious.
    From previous comments during class and in here people think the opposite from me. I guess I am just a girl who likes her brain rushing always.

  4. I enjoyed the meditation exercise we did in class. I practiced doing that today during an exam; and I found it to be very helpful in terms of relaxing and taking my time during the exam. Usually anxiety takes over me and I end up doubting myself for questions I know the answer to. But now I will be using this meditation technique to my advantage! There’s a cool meditation app called Stop,Breathe & Think which I downloaded. Its awesome! You guys should check it out!!

  5. I have a little difficulty closing my eyes, when I’m told to close my eyes.. I don’t know why but they just don’t wanna stay closed so this activity was a little rough for me. But, after a while I became relaxed and I too, then, liked the exercise!

  6. I had some trouble even focusing on the meditation. I have troubles keeping my eye closed when someone tells me to unless it is from a stress relief therapy. I had to force my eyes closed but when I did I began to think about other stuff that were on my mind instead of focusing on the task. I think if we were given more time in class for this meditation, it would have been more comforting instead of confusing.

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