LehmAnatomy and Physiology cheer

I love the cheer. It was awesome and exciting. After sitting in the classroom for an hour and becoming tired, doing the cheer was just so cool. I feel like we were refilling energy to ourselves. By doing this, I feel like we are identifying ourselves as a part of the class and telling people that we are so proud of being a part of this class.

9 thoughts on “LehmAnatomy and Physiology cheer”

  1. The cheer is awesome. I think that doing the cheer is putting a lot of fun into the class. This class has definitely been different from all the other classes I’ve taken. I actually like coming to class and enjoy the lecture, and just wen you start feeling overwhelmed with all the new information is time to go. I’m looking forward with continuing practicing the cheer for the next few weeks, and getting to see the final results.

  2. I also loved the cheer! It was fun to practice it after class.
    I look forward to hearing the result after we all learn it.
    The lyrics are very creative and have a catchy beat to them.
    I hope that our cheer ends up being as awesome as I’ve imagined it to be.
    But I still think that having pom poms would have been a fun and cute addition!!!

    1. I really like the cheer. Thank you for spending the time to make it!

      I agree that pompoms would be a fun addition. Or even if we all dressed with Lehman colors or held up cards on cue with B-R-A-I-N-S on them, or a big old Lehman sign at the end. We need props to spice it up a bit. We can definitely do this!!! Any thoughts?

  3. I like the cheer too i think its cute and the final product will be really nice! I think it’s very creative I also like the idea of the map being related to anatomy and physiology too. I think the cheer will come out great especially if we keep practicing.

  4. Im so upset I missed class last week. Like at 4am I wokeup sick. I dont like missing class because is missing alot of information. Well Im happy to hear the cheer in class was good, my amazing voice is going to join the chorus lol ( dont believe me about the beautiful part) in about 8 hours from now… muahahaha

  5. I have missed cheer practice due to moving, but after reading all these comments, I can’t wait for next week!!! I think a cheer is a good way to show our appreciation for this awesome class!

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