Meditation is SO key!

Hi Everyone! I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been finding this chapter so difficult to study… probably because everything for my other classes have been piling up so quickly!! STRESSED isn’t even the word at this point. Anyway I’ve decided to try Professor Lissemore’s advice of meditating before studying and it really worked! I did it for just 20 minutes and I felt so much calmer afterwards. It helped me contain a lot more of the information for the quiz tomorrow. I seriously recommend it if you are stressing like I was!

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  1. I find the calming a very helpful tip for studying. When you feel yourself cramming and stressing your mind is all over the place. Finding that sense of relaxation and calm feeling is definitely key!

  2. I agree! The semester has become so busy and meditating has definitely been a useful coping mechanism. I remember when we learned about the chapter on respiration in class, we discussed the importance of exhaling. I don’t quite remember if it was in the context of anxiety or when exercising, but I think I remember learning that in these scenarios we sometimes aren’t fully exhaling! Crazy! Anyway, whether I remembered correctly or not, after the chapter on respiration and after our few meditative breaths that we practiced in class, I’ve been practicing breathing on my own. When I start to feel overwhelmed with studying, I work on regulating my breaths, making sure that the length of my exhalations matches the inhalations. Breathing through things feels healthy and gives me strength. So I agree with you guys– in the midst of a busy semester, meditation has been a helpful study tool.

  3. As the weeks go by, every class becomes more difficult with final projects and tests all around the same time frame. I think is because i love anatomy, that so far i havent had any studying problems. BUT I will deff try meditation before the final and for my other classes.

  4. I love meditating! I have been doing yoga poses at home which really help. I also box at gleasons gym 4 days a week, which help me relieve stress. On top of taking 3 speech classes, I work full time and just finished moving! I felt like I had lost control of everything, but when I began calming myself, everything seemed to fall back into place!

  5. The best time to study for me is at night when everyone has gone to bed. That eliminates all distractions that may interfere with your focus. Sometimes because you’re so used to having noise around (especially if your a mom) the silence can be deafening. I also found a solution for this, I play some AlphaBinaural beats and Isochronic tones together in the background. Sounds weird but give it a try. Im including the YouTube links to be played in unison:

    You don’t have to play these exactly. Find the ones you like that work best for you. Hope this helps some of you!

  6. Meditation is good before starting anything i do it everyday. It really help me to focus on study. Last semester i was taking drawing class and before we start to draw our professor used to take us for 10 minute walking meditation. all we used to do just walk without taking and making eye contact with anyone and it did work very well for all of us. Meditation makes us calm and help us to focus on study.

  7. This class was the first time I have ever tried meditation, even then it was a bit challenging for me since it hard for me to completely shut everything off. Although, I have heard many good things about it and you guys shared some interesting point on the matter. I may just try it during the week of our exam while I’m studying, so that I am able to calm down and not stress about the final.

  8. I’m glad meditation seems to be working for a lot of us. Its a great way to relieve stress and focus on yourself for a few minutes.
    I’ve been trying to meditate more now since finals week is approaching and I’m finding myself to be more stressed out than usual. I heard doing Yoga is also a great stress reliever. I think ill be trying that out next!!

  9. Meditation is key! I am all about meditating. It allows me to regain my focus and purpose when things get very chaotic in my life. It also centers me when it’s time to study. The in-class meditation exercise was slightly different then what I do at home and I really enjoyed it. Incorporating the bells into the exercise gave me another cool, interesting thing to try while meditating. Definitely will try adding that into my own meditation practices more often.

  10. Hi everyone! I will meditate tomorrow morning before our final exam. I think that it was very helpful when we did it in class. Sometimes, one can get to the point of studying too much that one’s mind blanks out. I think meditation, and knowing when how much studying is enough, will be helpful for avoiding a situation like that.

  11. You gotta be careful though… I used to meditate every day I mean I’d keep my mind completely blank… I did it for years.. but one day while in the middle of my meditation a picture fell off my wall. I didn’t think much of itbut I later found out I had brought an evil spirit in buy just meditation it got so bad I attacked my professor I tried hanging myself in the stairwell of my dorm but I used ayarn so it just broke thisTHING controlled me and everything I did…

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