Futures Initiative Summer Mentorship Program

As we have discussed in class, the Futures Initiative will be hosting a two-day mentorship workshop this summer, August 18-19. This is a terrific opportunity, especially if you’d like to take on a leadership role and go deeper into the methods we’ve explored this semester. If chosen, you will be paid $200 for the two days and will be given round-trip metrocards! What a deal!The application takes about 15 minutes to cmplete and is due next Friday, May 8. (Next Week!!)  Go LehmAnatomy & Physiology! Be Bronx Proud! http://bit.ly/mentorship-undergrads

6 thoughts on “Futures Initiative Summer Mentorship Program”

  1. I am very excited about this opportunity that has been extended to us. Sometimes people just need someone to hear and understand them. It’s always great to be able to share your passion for learning and your learning methods with others. Sharing is caring. : )

  2. Thank you for sharing this great opportunity with us! I hope that one of us or more from our classroom gets chosen to be a mentor!
    That would be awesome! It will also be great to be able to add this program on your resume! So I encourage everyone in our class to apply!

  3. The mentorship program sounds like a wonderful opportunity that I wish I could be apart of it. But, I can’t. I live in Brooklyn and the commute to the Bronx and the struggle to get to class on time is a lot more than I bargained for and I can’t imagine coming to the Bronx, throughout the summer, on days when I don’t have class.

    If only I lived closer…

  4. When should we hear back about the mentorship? and will there be a stipend? That’s an incentive I can’t refuse. Not that mentoring isn’t a good cause, but I’m just saying.

  5. I always love to try new things because I like having fun. Sometimes those experiences help your resume and teach you new skills. I would love to be a part of this program but I am heading to somewhere this summer so I cannot join it. However, I do recommend all of you to try this out.

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