Happy Mother’s Day!

Hi Class,

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Sunday. As this semester comes to a close, I have so many thoughts swirling around my head about the ‘next step’. So I present  this question to you all.  What’s the next step for you? Is it summer classes, GRE prep, graduation? For me it’s more pre-req’s and if everything goes according to plan I will be finished by the year’s end.

I can honestly say that taking this course course with Professor Lissemore has changed my outlook on science classes in general. It has truly sparked an interest in human anatomy and I have learned a lot more in this class than I have in course in a long, long time. It really has been money well spent. There needs to be more classes like this, across the board. Thank you!

– Maggie

12 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!”

  1. This summer I will be burried in my books with 2 summer classes and gre prep. After taking anatomy with Prof. Lissemore, I can honestly say that I enjoy anatomy as crazy as that may sound. After withdrawing from another anatomy class due to the confusion of the previous Professor’s teaching style, I really understand how important it is to have a good Professor. Professor Lissemore’s humor makes our three hour class fun and exciting. Who knew learning about the cricoid thyroid, would actually be fun?

    1. Hey Ya’ll

      My summer plans, well I’m the daycare to my two girls. I really wanted to take summer classes but with daycare being like a second paycheck, I just have to wait till another year. Everyone, please keep in touch, drop a line, let us know if you get into any graduate programs.
      Professor Lissermore, you are the ‘human factor’ most professors ignore the realities of life and are bent on making other lives more miserable….thank you for not taking that route. So, what can you do to further educate some of these professors that view life out of a pin needle, I suggest write a manual, “How to be a GOOD professor, without compromise” and have Kathy make it mandated so every professor in CUNY has to read and practice your methods……(I could dream right?) Well, I was blessed this semester, I got two great professors…..Lissermore your one of them!

  2. GRE test prep all summer. Anyone taking Phonetics the second summer session? I hope to finish in the fall as well and with any luck (knock on wood) start the Master’s program in the Spring. Only time will tell! Good luck to you all.


  3. This summer is also all about classes and GRE prep for me too. As this semester comes to an end, I am nervous but excited for the next step.
    I hope that we all finish off strong for our final exams. We’ve all worked so hard for this!
    I am extremely grateful for Professor Lissemore and everything he has taught us. He truly has a gift for teaching this science class!

  4. Well while taking two sciences courses this semester, I swear Lissemore is my favorite professor. In my other class (hearing science) lets not even talk about that.!
    I wish Lissemore taught more classes or there to be more teachers like him. Cuz all these teachers be getting me furious.
    Anyways I would like to take a summer course this semester and start prepping for the GRE. Hopefully I’ll be done next spring.


    Goodluck to everyone.

    PS: Professor Lissemore keep it up. & consider teaching more courses !!!!!

  5. This summer I will be catching up on my education courses for session one. I am also preparing for the GRE. And I agree, I also learned alot just from this class than any of my other classes. The weekly quizzes are sometimes burdensome but I think it really helps us learn and review the materials each week.

  6. GRE prep GRE prep GRE prep! That is all I plan to be doing this summer because I am horrible at taking standardized tests! I agree that this course was one I truly enjoyed! I thought I would hate taking a Friday morning class, but Professor Lissemore made it all worth it. Good luck on finals everyone!! Study hard, we’re almost done!! 🙂

  7. I have to get my stuff to start studying for GRE’s I think I’m going to start that this summer. Not taking any classes, I have to work all summer to save for next semester but that’s okay! Any good GRE study websites? Books? Etc??

  8. I will be working and I will not be taking any summer classes. Because i have to save money in order take take fall classes. But i really loved this class my friend suggested me to take this class and i cannot thank her enough. I have learnt a lot from this class it was hard for be but at the same time Fun.
    Best wishes for the final week everyone we got this yes!

  9. I will be taking two summer classes, one each session. I will also be studying for the GRE this summer. Then I will be preparing my personal statement, along with building the rest of my application. I am also taking two classes in the fall, and then I am all done with prereqs!

  10. Honestly, I can add that taking A&P with Professor Lissemore has been an excellent choice. He takes the fear out of learning science! I have learned so much in his class this semester. Having that feeling is great because I feel more prepared to tackle graduate level courses. Best A&P Professor EVER!!

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