Get on your feet repeat “ITS FINALS TIME ITS FINALS TIME”

I have been on campus everyday this week and almost everyday I’ve had a final(except today) and had to prepare for  each one a day or two in advance, because my professor decided that he wanted to give the class new info. two days before his final. SMH but I’m not stressing because I wouldn’t be able to focus and do what is needed. So on that note; I will be in the library studying from 9am-12pm (because today is parent teacher conference) and i will return at 4pm until the library closes. So if anyone want to meet up and study you can meet me in the library if I’m not on the first floor by the cubicle i will be at the computer. Studying is best done with others because if you don’t understand something your study partner can help you out by giving you other ways of seeing and retaining the information.

see you if i see you: