Has anyone ever experience a “dry sponge tongue” before…..

I remember a couple of years ago, my tongue was dry and parched, I drank lots and lots of water but it was as if the water rolled right off my tongue and down my throat. My tongue still felt dry, like a sponge that has been sitting out in the sun- it didn’t absorbed any hydration from that water…still to this day I don’t know why, but since we’re talking about the tongue in class I thought I share my experience.

Any thoughts?



Lets Move Forward….

I think the aftermath theme of todays midterm results is “Moving Forward”, first I want to say congratulations to those who did exceptionally well on the exam! Kuddos to you!!

For the rest of us, who did mediocre or poorly, lets not dwell in sorrow, if you still have a fighting chance to pull an “A” or “B” then we must learn from this experience and apply new strategies to our study habits for the final. The race is not over! We have to study those quizzes on a weekly basis, even after you take them, rehearse, lets start blogging about potential essay questions that could be on the final. We’re smart enough! we could conjure up some ideas…

I hope everyone has a revitalizing spring break and keep pushing to pursue your desires…#letsnotgiveup

I hope this encourages someone, feel free to post and keep the flame burning.



Sternothyroid image vs Sternohyoid image vs the Black & White image on the Worksheet

Has anyone notice…(and correct me if I’m wrong, it is 2am right now)

On the worksheet page 3, the first image, the Sternothyroid is (ans E) and if your looking straight at it – it’s on the right. But if you look at your Sternothyroid image on the slide, looking straight at it, it’s on the left.

Then the Sternohyoid image from the slide shows the sternothyroid muscle on the right as well as the thyrohyoid muscle, but in the worksheet the thyrohyoid is on the left (looking straight at it).

Also, maybe I’m confuse but on 2 of the worksheet, statement number 22. It states: The (ans: geniohyoid) muscle originates on the mental spines of the mandible, coursing to the corpus of the hyoid bone. Then on page 6 of the worksheet match the term for number 61. Arise from the mental spines of the inner mandible and courses down to the hyoid bone: ans is (B) digastrics anterior.   Is that correct professor?




Any studying tips for this particular quiz?

Hey Ya’ll

I’m studying for the quiz and everything is beginning to sound the same.

Professor, you did explain it well, but my memory from that class to now has faded…

Is there a way to quickly study this to an understanding of the material or do I just for the sake of my quiz have to memorize this? Does anyone feel that same way I feel? Let me know smart people!

p.s Index cards and color schemes does nothing for me.

Thanks Class