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  1. Hola Everybodyy !!

    Hopefully Im posting a post on my own. Well guys the time is getting close, the day the semester is finally done ! This has been the best class Ive been in so far. Im going to be sad to see it end but I have to keep moving forward in order to finish school for good.

    Next week is our preformance, Im kinda excited, the class did a better job this week than last week. We are so totally going to be famous”)

    We have to start studying for our final guys!!, start early so your brain can obsorb.

    See ya

  2. I can’t believe the end is so close! This was definitely my favorite class of this semester, too! The interactive part really helped me communicate with my classmates. Normally, I don’t speak to anyone in class! HAHA

    I hope I’m able to look natural doing the cheer! But I’m sure we’re going to be awesome!

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