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    This article covers automation in the programming field, but not from a top-down process. Instead, the automation derives from the employee rather than the employer. In 2016 an anonymous […]

    • I agree with you that we need to be well prepared and society need better changes to deal with what is coming really fast or as you said what is already present. Especially progress in AI will definitely replace software, and robots will replace human beings. As we see the manual labor business is fully mechanized, and the same is going to happen with the service businesses soon. And now we have even more companies bringing more invention to destroy jobs by automation.

      In addition to this, it’s really interesting how the stereotype of old work meaning of “coder” has been totally changed. We have the importance of knowing the “coding” from many different reasons. For example, I know many students, including me, who are interested to learn more about Python and other programming languages, which is a new initiative from our school for any students in humanities or in liberal studies program. I believe that having a knowledge of basics in coding will greatly shape anybody’s skills for future digitalized work.

  • The idea of UBI is very interesting and I want to support it as an ease to the decrease in jobs and increase in automation, but I am still reluctant. I agree with the concerns of idleness for those who wish to solely thrive off of $12,000/yr and I have crossed paths with individuals who are very complacent. They do not have the motivation to work…[Read more]

  • For the Week 3 Lighting Round I wanted to focus on changes that we can see and interact with, in the healthcare industry. My professional background is in healthcare administration, and my thesis is focusing on […]

    • I agree with you that human interaction is vital in healthcare service. When it comes to patients privacy and their information, I am not so sure if hospitals or clinics could set a budget to invest in information management, database, and network security. I think, in many cases, hospitals will have contracts with other private corporations which will take responsibility for managing and securing patients’ information. This blog post will provoke another important aspect; the more AI and robots are integrated into our lives, the more database to store information and network security to protect information are needed.

  • This was a very interesting and relatable topic. I can confidently state that I have very well established and trusting working relationships with a few colleagues in my department. This is very essential, especially in smaller teams within divisions and larger departments. Sharing information and trusting co-workers to assist in issues or when…[Read more]

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