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    Thanks for your warm and thoughtful email. I enjoyed reading through your request which was straightforward and direct, yet at the same time easy and fun to read. You state what is needed clearly all the while keeping me interested in what you have to say and why this is so important to you.
    You clearly recognize that an important facet if…[Read more]

  • Hi students of English 110,

    Welcome to your newest assignment!

    There are over 2 million fellow American citizens incarcerated at the present time. Our current assignment is a study of the prison system and […]

    • Hi Yehuda, I think your idea is very interesting. You’re right that when we think about people that are in prison we automatically assume that they are criminals. We never think about their families and why they are in prison. Investigating the situation that occurred will let us know the person for who he or she really is. Visiting two prisons in…[Read more]

    • I find your assignment to be very interesting. I like the Idea that you included field work with the project, so it can give people a realistic idea of the situation. Unfortunately, society often stigmatizes people who went to prison and this make their like miserable after being released from prison. It doesn’t matter if they are completely r…[Read more]

    • Wow professor, very interesting assignment. I like the idea, it gets me thinking about a very important topic, on which previously I did not put much thought into. The U.S. has the largest prison population in the world, many of these men and women are in jail for crimes that hold great controversy in terms of the length and severity of the…[Read more]

    • The idea behind the assignment is a very interesting one, of course, I have mixed feeling about it however. At the beginning, when you mentioned that there were 2 million incarcerated at the present time, I actually went to check up on that. Of course that info was from 2013, so the number could have gone up or down by this point. Furthermore I…[Read more]

  • Thanks for your blog, Jack. I was thinking about the second question you posed and I don’t really believe that technology is such a necessity in the classroom at all. While technology may improve the field in a […]

  • Most of the education that we know of today is not education as “the practice of freedom.” According to Bell Hooks, educating as a “practice of freedom” is a form of teaching and consequent learning that is enga […]

  • Hi Allen, thanks for your blog.
    I was thinking about your question regarding whose view about segregation is correct – Washington’s or Du Bois’. I don’t think the answer is as black and white as it may seem. In […]

  • Hi Sumaiya, thanks for your blog.
    I definitely agree with you – success of not granted. Raquel is a perfect example of that. She portrays the one who made it, the one who pulled through, the one who defied all […]

  • Thanks for the feedback and questions, Professor!
    I didn’t leave out the the subject being studied to make it all the more mysterious and foreign. The reason why I left it our is because I just didn’t think that […]

  • Hey Kevin, thanks for your blog. I think that what you pointed out about the test hybrid classes that community colleges are beginning to offer is an important one. This method of teaching allows the students to […]

  • Hey Linus, thanks for your blog. You summed up very nicely what Lani Guinea brought to light in regards to the issues of standardized testing and placement.
    One of your suggestions to help fix this issue was […]

  • I don’t think I can recall a single story or experience that formed the way I think and learn.  However, over the years, the environments in which I’ve spent most of my time learning have greatly contributed to […]

  • Thank you for your blog, Sumedha. I think that you are correct in your assessment of Nick Sousanis’ work “Flatness” in that individuals of a society should be able to think freely on their own and not be […]

  • Thank you Eryka for your insightful blog. Davidson is most certainly correct when she calls our education system a failing one and she has the statistics to back her up. And of course, this failure can be […]

  • Hi Sumedha, welcome to the college experience! I also am into psychology and the various topics and fields it encompasses. It seems to me that in many class discussions regarding writing or literature, psychology […]

  • Hi, my name is Yehuda. I am a transfer student here at Queens College and am interested to see how things are different here from the last institution that I attended. Currently, I am interested in the […]

    • Wow, very interesting stuff Yehuda. You have very intense interests in math, engineering, ethics. They don’t match up with mine at all and I’m very interested to see how and if your interests affect your viewpoints on the texts and topics we will be discussing. Also I’d be interested to know how your experience in Queens College differs from your…[Read more]

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