Mike Rifino


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Mike Rifino

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The Graduate Center

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Mike Rifino is a first-year doctoral student in Human Development at the Graduate Center, CUNY. Drawing on cultural-historical activity theory and recent advances in Vygotskian scholarship, specifically, Stetsenko’s notion of Transformative Activist Stance, his research interests focus on the transformative potential of critical theoretical teaching-learning in public secondary and post-secondary education in regard to student agency. Throughout his undergraduate journey, he has gained deep experience with peer mentoring, having worked as a research assistant for the Peer Activist Learning Community (PALC), as well as a mentor for a college readiness program for underrepresented students. He is currently researching ways how students and faculty in PALC collaboratively investigate and redefine student agency to create an activist learning community.

Academic Interests

Sociocultural psychology; Freiren Critical Pedagogy