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    The article was talking about the racial segregation. Booker T. Washington thought that African Americans should proving to white their values by hard working, educate themselves; Du Bois thought that first they must get rid of segregation. I am agree with Du Bois opinion. There is no different between black and white, blacks don’t need to prove t…[Read more]

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    It’s true that students’ family background can affect their abilities to keep on par with other students in a world that depends so much on how well they score on some tests, but in my opinion, if the students themselves want to learn is more important. I know that the students from rich families can get many preparation classes, practice tes…[Read more]

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    I am familiar with the “banking” system education because I was from China and I studied in China for like 10 years. Those classes were like, the teachers keep talking in front of the classroom, and all the students sitting in the classroom just keep nodding and taking notes. All students are like “learning machine”. I am agree with this article…[Read more]

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    I am agreeing with that, “Active learning turned out to be more effective than lectures”. By giving students iPod, Davison and her colleges were just giving students a piece of modern technology they can use for study, it was like encourage them, “Now, you guys can learn by yourselves”. And as we can see, students tend to learn by using these t…[Read more]

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    It’s true that we are having some “models” to test students, to see if they are standardized. Students are taught in the same way everyday in class and be tested after a few days just to ensure if they were absorb the all knowledge. But it is going to be terrible if all students think about things in exactly same ways, just like In an artic…[Read more]

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    I was surprised when I first heard that American education was free in the history for a long time, because we all know that the education is not free today; we can even say it is expansive, especially likes the tuition in some colleges. Because of Ronald Reagan’s decision in the 1960s, education became something that not for everyone. From Bady a…[Read more]

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    We all know that there are gaps between people from rich class and poor class in this society, but we should realize that this kind of gap is also exists in school. Melanie was a smart student from a public school; she saw the gap after visited an elite private school, she felt unwelcomed and hopeless and even didn’t feel any confident after M…[Read more]

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    Yeah it felt really bad when I read the article, because school should be a place that with no racism exists there. There is no doubt that, “all men are created equal”. Black people should not suffer this situation, it’s 21st Century now. Also, you was talking about most teachers do not care about the lives of their students. From my opini…[Read more]

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    From Paulo Freire’s article, there were two major models of education, the “banking” model and the “problem solving” model. We were talking about the “banking” model in the earlier of this semester; this kind of education system takes away students’ ability to be unique and creative, which is not good for students’ long-term development. I th…[Read more]

  • Hi guys, here is your newest assignment.

    We all know that environmental science is related to everyone. Human’s activities bring up so many problems like the water pollution, and the soil contaminants to the n […]

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      Hello Ming, great post! I really love the sound of this project. I care about taking care of the environment a lot. This is our only planet and we knowingly destroy it; we’re dooming our grandchildren and great grandchildren to a harsh world because we are selfish beings, it is wrong. I would love to learn more about the reality of what is…[Read more]

    • Hi Ming, Interesting blog! I like the idea of having a debate. This way everyone can present their own research and use each other’s perspectives to either contradict or support the argument. The organization of this assignment is well done. First calculate your ecological footprint, compare with others, and then watch a debate so you are aware…[Read more]

    • I never thought of teaching environmental science at a college writing course until you brought this idea. Indeed, this must be an awesome topic to research on and especially to debate, since there are many causes attributed to the environmental deterioration that we are experiencing. I don’t like Biology and science courses, it has never been my…[Read more]

  • As we can see, from the first article “it’s about class” by Lee Skallerup Bessette, the biggest issue with new digital divide is that the students from poor regions don’t want to use technology for their study. […]

    • Technology does have an important place in our society today, especially with all these advancements in education. However, Technology can be abused by the learner, so we have to restrict it to some degree, and we should try to keep these electronics to a moderate use in the classroom. Using these tools in the classroom can help us see what we…[Read more]

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    If I can design the new CUNY school, I will make sure the school focus more on and training students new skills they really need. If they don’t know what they want to do in the future, it’s ok. We will give them […]

  • Hi,Jiewen! You mentioned so many examples in your blog from the film! That’s great. As we know, comparing to long time ago, everything’s price is increasing today,so it makes sense if school increase their tuition […]

  • Hi,Chenell. I really like your title and the first paragraph. They are so absorbing that make me want to keep reading the rest of your blog. To be honest, I wasn’t quite understand those two articles and after […]

  • Very nice to meet you again, my friend! I feel so lucky having same class with you, and I think we can improve our English skills in this class, cause the teacher and classmates are pretty good~

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