• Citizen by Claudia Rankine is an exceptional book which is much deserving of all the awards it has won.  Rankine writes from great depth, personal experiences, and also from a greater, inclusive point of view. […]

    • The connections made throughout are ones that I appreciated greatly. How you weave Santa Monica and the Rodney King Case, and also, the Rutgers University women’s basketball team with Don Imus into your post are connections that I may have missed. The thought placed throughout–by you, with your obvious research has shed new light into the way in which I now read and see this section. Unfortunately, the links that you have provided do not seem to work. I may be the only reader experiencing this unfortunate event, but nonetheless, I cannot view the videos. Perhaps if you are presenting today you can incorporate them into your facilitation. As far as your questions go, I would most likely comment that an attempt should be made without making preconceived assumptions. And double standards are always present, the most obvious one being: the way in which female and male are to present themselves in a personal relationships. My viewpoint on this is the same as most matters: I don’t always see things in either black or white. There is always a grey area present. What one should do is place themselves in either shoe’s and decide accordingly, with a fair judgement. As with all posts I have read, I thoroughly enjoyed reading yours. I thank you for your insight and I look forward to your presentation.

      See you in class,


      • Hi Christian,

        Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I have changed the format of the clips posted on my blog, I’m pretty sure you will be able to open them now. See you in class!

    • Hi Resha, I loved your blog post and the connections you made in regards to the text and your own questions posed bring attention to your own interpretation and open up new thoughts. Answering your first question, at first I probably wouldn’t pay attention(assuming it was some sort of protocol) yet I would question the actions if the cashier repeats the questions and further isolates the customer . Now with your second question, I believe each person perceives double standards differently, depending on culture, race, gender. I notice often with my own culture, females and males are not equivalent. For instance, I was not allowed to go away for college, my brother however is studying away from home currently. In this case I find my own ways to be independent. Great post!
      P.S. Link to videos are working fine!

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    Robin Kelley is clearly an eloquent writer with an expository style.  Right from the beginning he pulls the reader into his internal conflict when he writes, “I spent more than half my life writing about people w […]

    • Hey Resha, I really liked the way your blog post flowed together. I think the song you picked and the poem you wrote really captures what Robin Kelley was expressing in his book. For example, when I listened to the song by Pharrell, one particular line stuck out to me. In the song he says ” when man recognizes”. My interpretation of this line is that every one struggles with understanding their own freedom and how your freedom begin in ones mind. To relate this back to Kelley’s book, he states ” social movements generates new knowledge, new theories, new questions” ( Kelley 8). ” When man recongnizes ” that your mind is a powerful tool and it can help create new forms of freedoms by establishing solutions to a problem ( ” envisioning a different way of seeing ” ( Kelley 9)) and moving away from protesting the problem it will help produce successful changes.

      • Thank you for your feedback Anastazia! I also appreciate your great class participation during our facilitation today. I agree with your interpretation of the line “When man recognizes” from the video.

    • Resha, you are the reason this subject progresses. You not only connected the reading to the present day, but you also connected it to a different historical moment. You show understanding of the passage and how you digested it. Not only did you see fit to add a video in your response, you took it a step further and added a poem. it would be nice to know whether this is an original or someone else’s and whom. Regardless of such information, the poem is written sensibly so that it does hit the points of the reading.

      I can not view the video as I am currently at work.

      In my opinion you have done a stellar job and I wish you could have a bit more time with the facilitation.

      • Thank you Nakia! I appreciate your thoughtful input and such kind words 🙂 And yes, that poem is an original written by yours truly. Hope you were able to enjoy the video and relate it to Kelley’s work and my blog.