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    The idea behind the assignment is a very interesting one, of course, I have mixed feeling about it however. At the beginning, when you mentioned that there were 2 million incarcerated at the present time, I actually went to check up on that. Of course that info was from 2013, so the number could have gone up or down by this point. Furthermore I…[Read more]

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    Technology does have an important place in our society today, especially with all these advancements in education. However, Technology can be abused by the learner, so we have to restrict it to some degree, and we should try to keep these electronics to a moderate use in the classroom. Using these tools in the classroom can help us see what we…[Read more]

  • Hello, my name is Richard and I am a freshman here at Queens college. I came to Queens college for the science programs, especially for the major I intended to study, which is Computer science. When writing I have many weaknesses such as repetition and lack of details. All my life I have never been good at writing reports and such. On the other…[Read more]

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