• This lesson plan is a continuation of the Assessment and Diagnosis topic.  This class will focus on risk assessment and diagnosis of suicide and suicidal ideations.  Here is the lesson plan for a 75 minute cl […]

    • I like you explain the theory of planned behavior before going over the cognitive dissonance theory, which helps students understand the link between attitude and behaviors first and then have them think the inconsistency of this link.
      You could extend your class into Bem’s self-perception theory after your mini-lesson, which makes students think of the circumstance when people infer their attitudes from their behaviors, especially when people have no firm pre-existing attitude on a certain topic:) You could also make a mini-lesson for this theory after the cognitive dissonance theory activity.

    • I really like the part of your lesson plan that touches upon myths of suicide, because there are many misconceptions regarding the topic. You could further reinforce this by having a homework assignment that requires students to find a peer-reviewed, empirical research article that provides evidence to contradict a suicide myth. Students could share their findings in the next class.

  • The workshop I attended focused on honing your professional writing skills, which is a beneficial trait for not only students but for instructors and other individuals in an academic setting.  Even though this […]

    • It is great that this workshop helped you both as a writer and as a teacher of writing. I think that it is important that we support students in learning how to read academic articles. It is really easy for us to forget what a challenge this is for undergraduates because we have become so proficient at doing it. This is a great skill to work on though and with careful scaffolding this should help students a lot. The idea of having students extract the main ideas from an abstract is a great start in the scaffolding process.

    • I often find that Students entering Experimental Psychology need a lot of improvement in this area. These lessons and concepts should be included in all Psychology courses. I will try to include mini low-stakes writing assignments in my Intro to Psychology course.