• Lesson Plan on Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Discrimination

    Planned Dates of Classes: Wednesday, September 27th and Monday, October […]

    • Could you add a link to the slides that you refer to here in your mini-lesson?

    • This lesson plan encompasses a lot of important topics and activities that will facilitate the learning process. I like how you talked about how we as humans develop stereotypes and prejudices, I would a good amount of time talking about this and how the results from the IAT can be related. Another suggestion would be to discuss the differences between prejudice, stereotypes, and discrimination. They are very similar and the students should be able to understand the subtle differences before moving on to the other activities. Overall, this is a beautiful lesson plan and I believe the students will really appreciate the activities and lesson.

    • I think is a really great lesson plan, and I’m thinking about possibly adapting at least one of the mini-lessons since I plan on spending time on diversity and discrimination in the workplace. I think one interesting point to raise is that in certain cases heuristics can be adaptive, but using these heuristics to make judgments and decisions about people can be problematic.

  • On Wednesday, April 24th, I attended a workshop hosted by the Graduate Student Teaching Association (GSTA) on how to use WordPress in the classroom. The purpose of this event was to provide attendees an […]