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    Democracy is an idea of expressing people’s rights and their voices. Democracy is a Greek word and the idea of democracy was first found in the city-state of Athens. The word democracy is made of two words: “demos” meaning common people and “kratos” meaning strength. As our time and place changes, the idea is also changing because other countries have their own ideas of expressing democracy. For example, Direct democracy, Representative democracy, Presidential democracy., Parliamentary democracy, Islamic democracy, etc..

    For me, democracy is a complicated idea, and people are missing their interest in that idea. People do not want to participate in their democracy anymore because people, in general, have lost their trust in the government. In my experience, I was raised in a developing country where not many people are educated, so they elect the government without thinking and without realizing what or who they are voting for. Even though it says it is a Democratic country, citizens do not have any freedom to express themselves. Their opinion is never counted. But in the United States of America, it is totally different because it is a huge country, so citizens are not voting directly and they do not use popular vote. Instead, votes do not count directly because the presidential vote depends on the electoral college.

    Therefore, democracy does not matter to me as long as I get the benefits from the government. If I want to see an ideal democracy, then I want to see people have equality and be treated equally not just in words, but in action. Each voice should be counted. The businessmen will not control any executive team nor will they have any influence. The political leaders will not take any advantage of democracy and the citizens. Finally, many people do not know their rights, therefore, the government should inform people of their rights.