• With my point on UBI, I would like to answer to one of the questions asked by Andy Stern in his book Raising the Floor if the guaranteed basic income would make Americans lazy or it would help them to focus their […]

    • A pilot project of UBI in Namibia, taken place in 2008, seemed to be successful. The project reduced the crime rate and increased the school enrollment rate of young children. However, I am curious about how governments would obtain financial resources in order to provide the UBI to their citizens, most especially in the current situation wherein the governmental budget across the globe tends to be in deficit. Will governments increase the tax rate even higher? I don’t have the answer, but I think it is an interesting question to discuss.



    • Important area for our UBI discussion: how might it framed to encourage continuous learning? in other words, should conditions be placed on how the UBI is used, or would that blunt its effectiveness?

  • In my future research for this semester, I want to explain the successful public governance and how the interest and value interact with collaborative initiatives in the complex institutional relation. My question […]

    • interesting topic — sounds like this is going to be your “big idea” not the week’s lightning round, which you posted elsewhere….your challenge will be to keep keep to the convergence of “future of work” and “corporate social responsibility.” look forward to discussing!

  • Most of our weekly articles deal with the impact that AI might have on our lives. A lot of ideas are expressed about what changes automation will bring to our concept of human being. So far, the technology is a […]

    • Excellent points, Tamar. There is much potential for good, as we find ways to augment human efforts with AI and other technologies. Didn’t know that TED talk and glad to know about it!

  • While talking about the passion I would like to agree with Vincent and would add the idea of Passion Vs Pragmatism, that you cannot always do what you want. I have been always encouraged by my parents that I […]

    • So provocative! And now I have much better vocabulary for today’s discussion on satisfaction in work. That MLK quote is rolling around in my head, length, breadth, and height.

    • I wonder how “a connection to a community” from this week’s reading More than job satisfaction can also be another source of motivation at work other than autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

    • Tamar – I agree so much that young people’s professional aspiration is driven by economic necessity. It saddens me that older generations sometimes look down on this. The world has changed so significantly in recent decades that I think it becomes difficult for older and younger generations to have conversations about “work” or “career.” These definitions are simply vastly different.

  • Some of us hate and some of us love work, but as the true nature of our reality, most of us have no choice and we just “have” to work. Whenever we are speaking about the “meaning” of work I have to say it, that I […]

    • Terrific, will look forward to discussing this idea of “social capital” and how to maximize it in different kinds of organizations. And also whether “loving work” is a luxury that should be available to all….or whether that’s a pipe dream.

    • This was a very interesting and relatable topic. I can confidently state that I have very well established and trusting working relationships with a few colleagues in my department. This is very essential, especially in smaller teams within divisions and larger departments. Sharing information and trusting co-workers to assist in issues or when you are absent is beneficial and increases productivity. However, we are in an era or in transition to increased utilization of technocology where privacy and trust are questionable. Some workers may not trust others handling their documents or accessing their files in a shared drive on a network. There are also some cases where workers have the mentality “if you want it done right, do it yourself.” In addition, with the gig economy becoming an alternative work environment it may become difficult to form trusting working relationships when the turn over rate of employees is high.

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