If You Want to Be, Take the Chance! CUNY edition

“Narnia” The Bestselling Story and Movie

“I know you”

Isn’t it nice to always go somewhere and be well known?

Is it comfortable or uncomfortable?

Do you ever wish life worked out better for people who try harder?

Be amazing! It is one of the perks of being awesome. That is because everyone looks up to amazing persons. Before talking about something else, take a look at this key list of ideals that honors amazing people of all kinds.

A person who is on a journey sees only the finish-line where new triumphs await tomorrow. There are three ideals key to being in 1st place in life.

3. Start by making it to the competition.

Plan your moments so that the start of the big, important day is as sweet as being the winner!

2. Practice everything that makes for an amazing performance.

By practicing techniques daily you learn skills, aptitudes to beat the rest, even on rainy days.

  1. Win.

As soon as the test starts, take the best spot and be the best there ever was!


Degrees of Separation

If there are just six degrees of separation everywhere, it is both impossible to see someone likeable and if it happens is purely coincidence. Friends love to talk with friends and like to meet anywhere in the world. It is heartening to see someone likeable or amazing when out and about. People who transcend the six degrees of separation seem to be one in a million and inherently successful at other things too. That is not exactly so, looking at the keys to being amazing above it is the person who puts those three key steps into play who ultimately transcends at everything and courageously achieves. It is unlikely that someone else is ready to do the impossible when it means that they must transcend everything and be the very best at their goals…

Think about the world of dating for a second. Every college, public or private, has a thriving, active dating scene, even CUNY. There is such a large gender discussion and revolution going on in society that every other college is participating in now also.

Everyday more good is gained from it because people are learning what gender means to them. Millenials and the other generations are accepting the new spirit of the times by getting out there and being active, doing fun things even if they aren’t gender related. Just look at social media, even “Instagram“! It seems like everyone has a Facebook or an Instagram. Even the Pope has an Instagram now! 🙂

Boy Meets World

In other words, its easier to understand persons and people to know what they think is amazing or even awesome. Social media makes impossible what six degrees or factors is to us. In other words, it only takes one or two degrees of separation to build a bridge to the person you want to pop up on, or maybe go out to a meeting or date possibly.


What’s so amazing about that though?

Days go by and still, everyone is searching for “it”. Others are trying to get their “sweet spot”. Even some are building it bigger and better, and achieving “the dream”. Its not as simple as a TV show plotline or cliche anymore. All can relate these days, not just youths and the young at heart for “it” is the thing we all want, to make it simple.

Societies, countries convened and separated to achieve one goal or changed focus, many times over the span of the last 100 years. However, there’s no doubt in the light of social media that life is not bound up by it (social media), or society. That is, life is not controlled by social media. Amazing people, dreamers, winners, they are the key players in life and society. Life and Success is not for the cowardly, being awesome happens for those who see it so everyday, even if they don’t always see “it” sometimes and may be discouraged.

The Holy Bible, and the story of Jesus Christ

The story of your life is best told in the 3rd person. Give it a try ASAP!

Most good stories and well written stories are told in books in the 3rd person also. They are some of the world’s most bestselling books at Barnes and Noble or Borders, those told in 3rd person. These books and stories sell millions every month, compounding at the year. Certain books remain bestsellers throughout the ages… You are encouraged to read them, just type “bestselling books” into Google Search.

Mars and Venus, Boy and Girl


What we really learned about gender is that maybe some of us and our stories are better told in 1st person and others better left in 3rd person. See “bestselling books” above and on Google. Statistically male characters are just better at relating to the world and others in 3rd person, even in “Harry Potter” or the bad guy “Voldemort”. I’ve frequently read female characters portrayed in near 1st person in quotes and poems everywhere, in explanation they don’t use their names but their pronoun.





“She walks in beauty” (by George Gordon Byron)

That’s one example. You could also say “she walks in starlight”. Just what is starlight anyway?

She Walks in Beauty by George Byron

Some people make it a really big deal, these metaphorical saying from the distant past. In the post-modern world, we say “Men are from Mars” and “Women are from Venus”. Maybe on Venus, everyone takes on 1st person and on Mars every other person is 3rd person ideally doing something completely random with their life. What do you think?

Food for thought, what are some of your favorite books?

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