Women & Men Qualities!

Three important qualities of Women and Men.


1. Strong

2. Graceful

3. Intellectual


1. Empathetic

2. Productive

3. Diligent

The traits of Women and man were fairly similar because in my opinion, the roles of men and women are not very different these days. Women can be strong and smart but also have a soft side. Men can be excellent workers but can relate to others’ feelings and be emotional beings. Traditionally, men are usually seen as the providers and women as maternal figures. There is nothing wrong with that point of view but we should never allow it to limit the thought of a woman being in a higher position of power than a man. Recently, our society has shifted towards women taking on heavier titles and performing at higher levels than many men. It is inspiring to see that women have been able to break through the glass ceiling and become successful even in the midst of patriarchal mindsets. Although women still bear the burden of lower pay for doing the same work as men, we can work towards equity in our society. Equity allows men and women to be on the same playing field by providing opportunities to those women who may lack access to those chances to excel. 

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