Women are Remarkable People

Three important qualities that women should have are confidence, tenacity, and diligence. Three important qualities that men should have are humility, honesty, and respect. The differences in qualities exemplifies the lack of an even playing field between women and men. Women should be strong and confident because they live in a world in which their gender is inferior; in resistance, they must be diligent in their efforts to remain confident and independent regardless of the inherent lack of balanced structure. On the flip side, men should have humility. They should understand their superior and inherent societal role and the perception that accompanies it. Rather than overemphasize this heightened position, they should look to act with respect, not lead with overemphatic pride. They should be honest in their actions and conduct as people, not as men.

By examining these differences, it is evident that we as a society still have a lot of work to do. We should look for qualities that people as a whole should embody rather than divide them on the basis of gender. I think that one of the most valuable qualities people can have in order to bridge this disparity is a strong sense of understanding. Understanding fosters the transmission of thoughts and ideas between people of all backgrounds: ethnicities, genders, sexualities, interests, experiences, etc. If we all heightened our sense of understanding, the ever-existent gap between men and women may very well lessen.

This conversation is especially important to have during Women’s History Month. March comprises of 31 days to celebrate the roles women have in the modern-day and look to the accomplishments women have made in lieu of the challenges they have faced throughout history. In looking across a rich, expansive trajectory, it is easy to see that women have innumerable qualities which do not differentiate on the basis of sex and instead, they make women remarkable people.

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