A New Chapter of My Journey

I am writing today to start what I couldn’t finish in August when the prompt was assigned. I thought that maybe waiting until classes start will help me get an idea of what mindset I will for the Fall 2019 school semester, but boy was I so wrong. I am trying to time manage all my classes and a part-time job. Originally, I had planned on taking a break from working a part-time job while being in school because this is my first semester at Baruch. I wanted to set a good base GPA in my first semester and to get more involved in extracurricular activities on my campus. Since it is a commuter school, it was hard to stay behind and join a club. Nevertheless, I went to the club fair and I got interested in the Anime Asylum Club, Casual Gaming Club, and Archery Club. However, these are all interest clubs, so I thought of joining a fraternity instead because it will be better for my future career aspirations. 

Soon after, an urgent babysitting part-time job was offered to me by a friend and I thought, “two hours a day from Monday to Wednesday shouldn’t be that bad.” But after my interview, I was offered Monday through Friday and was told to start right away. Well, there went my original plan of not working and getting more involved. For the upcoming school year, I wish to discover more of my interests and decide on my major choice because I set future goals and plan ahead. Right now, I am trying to keep a positive mindset since I get stressed easily. I am trying to stay on top of my work because a lot of my class requires a ton of memorization and reading. My main priority right now is to try and get a good GPA while also balancing my work, physical fitness, and mental fitness.

What resonated with me the most from the institute was hearing the amazing stories from the speakers and my peers about how hey overcame their adversaries. It made me realize that I wasn’t alone in my struggle and that I wasn’t the only one struggling. I really enjoyed meeting and conversing with a diverse amount of people from different backgrounds, schools, religions, ethnicities, gender, and etc. I admire all the key speakers and my peers, who decided to come together to fight for change in our democracy. I also aspire to one day be one of those speakers standing up on a stage speaking about my own journey.

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  1. Sheryl, first and foremost, I commend you on your academic pursuits and working it is not easy. I recommend getting a planner and an accountability partner which will allow you to stay on top of things. The beginning is usually easier as oppose to later in the semester, so the sooner that you are able to secure a productive schedule, which includes rest, the better! Welcome, Sheryl!

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