Wherever Democracy Exists, There Will Never Be Total Liberation

It’s hard, if not impossible, to imagine what democracy would look like without referring to our government and history. Our government, since the beginning of when democracy was established, defined what democracy really is─ a system of government made by the people and for the people. If we were to imagine how we want democracy to look, it will also difficult to do because democracy won’t even exist in an utopian society. There can never be a perfect democracy. Any system created by humans can never achieve perfectionism. There will always be underlying problems and corruption because democracy is a government made by the people. As we all know, humans are imperfect and subject to error.

Wherever democracy exists, there will never be total liberation. Democracy and liberation can never be synonymous. Democracy supposedly gives power to the people it governs. However, One person’s liberation may be another person’s shackles. There will always be disagreements among a group of people even if it’s not voiced. We can still see in our government today that there is often conflict between ideas, laws, and what is moral. This is why there is a whole voting process, but the majority of the time, people are left with the least favorable alternative to what they had wanted. I think it’s hard, especially in such a large community, to all agree to every policy, law, or idea there is.  There will always be people taking advantage of others and there will always be someone seeking wealth and power because it’s human nature.  

I’m not sure how I can contribute to society as of now. I’m still trying to figure out my identity, my goals, what I want to do in life, and my purpose in this thing called life. I would love to continue my passion for working with nonprofit organizations as I had done so in the past. I will continue to take steps in contributing to society with my voice. As a matter of fact, I view going to college and joining this leadership and democracy fellowship as one of the steps I have taken to learn about equity and how I can contribute more to society as a whole. 

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  1. Sheryl, you are contributing to society with the work that you do and critiquing the system which you live in. It is always important to know that no matter how small of a job you THINK you’re doing–you are impacting lives. Your critique of democracy, may shed light or provoke thought to someone who is inquiring about the same topic.

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