Is Democracy an utopia?

Ideal Democracy is opposed to all forms of autocratic government, it is characterized by a set of rules that determine collective decisions and under what procedures, it is the government of all, the majority rule is a majority, a large majority. It is also necessary to guarantee the rights of freedom of opinion, these rights in which the liberal state is protected. My ideal democracy is where everybody stops being corrupt and only thinks in their benefits, where transparency exists when we speak and we can trust each other. A system where my identities don’t give me values, where I compete with myself to be a better me and not to some else.

On the other hand, the actual “democracy” is the least bad form of government policy known to date, pointing out at the same time that democracy cannot solve all problems, but it is the only form of peaceful government that watches over the peace oven the states (in all its parameters, social, economic, political). It gives a harmonious relationship between the state and its citizens, saying that there is no better alternative than constitutional democracy, although in the same way this obligation must reform and adjust the systems so as not to violate or to carry out the democratic stability that already exists.

Democracy can be liberation for some and not for others. The comparison of these two words is subjective. The controversy and debate are essential in an ideal democracy. Every single person that forms part of a society can agree on something neither how to take the circumstances or manage to solve a problem. However, I believe in a more participatory society. I do not talk about “all equal” or “non-corrupt politicians,” that depends a lot on people, but if we can establish a SYSTEM that truly works, it would be one where people occupy social instances/ positions that have been abandoned by the citizens, but that has great legitimate power, remember our democracy is based in the needs of the people, our people.

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  1. Genesis, your post prompts a question that you don’t have to answer now, but something to consider: To “establish a SYSTEM that truly works,” would you destroy and rebuild a completely new system or reform the system in place?

    1. Sorry for the late respond, I would reform the system in place. Over time I noticed that the American youth (to be more specific New York’s youth) is against the system, against prison, against repression. This inspires me to open my eyes, and see that there is more than just me and my life. However, I’m ignoring something. I don’t understand why we need to eliminate instead of fix. I don’t have the knowledge and conscience to build a new system from zero, but I do to see what’s wrong in one.

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