When I hear the word democracy, like most people, I think of the most common definition in which citizens freely make political decision about the members that can represent us and make decisions in the political fields based on a set of rules.  Those rules being that a bill is taken up by the legislative branch, discussed and then voted on. This then becomes law.

However, when I really think about it, the people we elect to represent us, then take money to vote against our wishes. An ideal democracy would vote according to the promises they made to us, the ones that elected them.

I imagine democracy to be the freedom of choosing not just our political leaders but also the freedom of citizens to freely make political decisions by majority rule. I like to think of the way a president is elected in high school. We all cast a ballot and the one who receives the most votes, wins. The same should be true for elections in the U.S as well as voting on what Bills become Law. This is the only way for liberation to really feel like freedom. For example, laws have been passed to eliminate the right for a woman to get an abortion in several states. If a vote were put to the women of this country, we would all be free to protect our choice as women. Liberation is the right to choose what can happen within and to our own bodies.

There is not one country that uses the democratic system that I would feel within. True democracy would see most of its citizens feeling free within their own bodies and state. Until the true meaning of democracy is reach, no person will truly feel free within the nation that they live in.

Yet a further point would be me as an International Student. I am not afforded the same access to education that US citizens have. The right to education should be universal. As the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 states, we are all entitled to education, however, it avoids discussing higher education. The climate, war and voided treaties make it impossible to get the education we desire at home and abroad.

Once all human beings are able to live a life where government treats them as an equal, with a voice for choice, democracy will never liberate the people who demand it.

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  1. Jennifer, I agree… I have been read many of your fellow Leaders blogs and I am starting to realize that many people (not just some of the Leaders) are holding on to the definition of democracy as an anchor. However, the anchor was designed with exclusionary policies and practices that persist today, therefore it won’t liberate those who demand it.

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