Ever since our last meeting, the questions on Democracy have been in my mind constantly. These questions caused partial writers block. I didn’t know what to write because I didn’t even know my own opinion. I  struggled answering because I couldn’t fathom what this perfect democracy was. These weeks just stirred a series of question that I still ponder about.

What is a perfect democracy?

Have we had it before?

Are there any examples that we can build on?

What does that look like?

All of these questions were tugging at my mind and I didn’t know how to silence it. That’s why I’m writing this as we speak, I have no answer. I have no valiant thoughts with examples spoken grandiloquent. I don’t see a perfect democracy, I see the current situation we have. A society filled with capitalistic motives. Everything boils down to needed to be ahead of someone else. Making money isn’t the issue, but the methods that certain groups are subjected to the bottom of the barrel is the issue here.

Can we really have a perfect democracy when most of the voices and gripes from a select group of people fall on deaf ears? How can I keep the light of optimism shining bright?

How can I even think about something different or how to break the system that raised me. I question if I am just accepting of these terms or has the feeling of Frederick Douglas set in. Douglas at one point dreaded his existence because of the new found knowledge that he acquired on how we should live and the rights of African-Americans. The opportunity to seek these things seem like a dream, a sweet dream though. My spirit of dreaming is still there. How can I not think of things reaching a perfect democracy? I come from a immigrant family that came to the “land of opportunity”. This land has breed some fruitful blessings. These blessings and opportunity of knowledge leaves things bittersweet. Democracy and liberation don’t add up to being the same thing, but I have been liberated in a sense. My education and perspective has uncovered one “veil” over society. As we go on there are more veils to be uncovered that make life seem unbearable.

Can we achieve it this perfect democracy? What will it take? I can’t answer that question alone or right now. I hope as time goes on we can reach a consensus on what really is a democracy.

If any of these questions spark anything, I would love to start a dialogue under the post.

Until next time 👋




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  1. Moses, as I read your post, it reminds me of when I go to gym with my dad and he adds more reps and pounds to my set and then watches me struggle…Eventually, not only do I get it, but I add more on my own. In due time you will get it. The question took you out of your comfort zone, which is good. Soon you will be able to have conversations, with supporting evidence about something that seems like a conundrum. There is a lot of wisdom in the writing that your fellow Leaders have provided, take a gander. I look forward to what you make of it.

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