Real Democracy is Action

I imagine true democracy as a society where the main economy is not capitalism. You can have capitalism exist without democracy. For instance, look at developing counties with different forms of governments other than democracy, such as monarchy oligarchy, authoritarianism, and totalitarianism with a capitalistic economy.

I think democracy and liberation can be synonymous if one of the goals of democracy is social responsibility. In my opinion, a socialist country in which there is a public, collective or cooperative ownership, or a belief of equality among individuals will pave the way for true democracy. 

As a social science student, I feel that education is one of the main driving force that will lead to a true democracy. Being educated and informed is how an individual can make the right decisions to succeed, and this is the true liberation of an individual. Real democracy is where everyone can assert their power, through their opinions and their pursuits. A democracy that is not persuaded by the lobbying of large corporations and/ or substantial influence of interest groups, but of all people and the communities they come from.

I want to bring in the concept of double consciousness by W. E. B. Du Bois. There is one way you perceive yourself however there is another way that others may perceive you. And I think that being in a capitalist society we become more alienated as an individual. We treat each other like the OTHER and that is the classic divide and conquer tactic. This does not lead to liberation because we do not treat others as our equal. As a consequence, this creates many issues that entirely affects all aspects of our social and professional lives. To be fully liberated we must unite instead of dividing ourselves and the OTHER. I cannot stress the importance that if you looking for “liberation” then you cannot be passive in how you react to the current state of affairs. You have to go beyond the parameters of how you experience or feel, to learn about what is given to you (your rights) and fight against inequality that is present for yourself and for the rest of society. Instead of dreaming, perhaps we should wake up.

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  1. Capitalism is every person for themselves. Money talks which is also speaks to your later point of why lobbying exists.

    Regarding race, double-consciousness speaks to power and oppression in this country. So not everyone is double-conscious, hence the ignorance that we see in the country from some who are “educated and informed.” Moreover, the hegemonic ideas of the ruling class are internalized by marginalized groups which ends up being a tool to divide and conquer which works in the hegemonic class favor. This is why “othering” is still alive and well today.

    Now, going beyond the parameters to learn and fight will give you the society you want. This country was born and grown on money and violence. If the funds are not there…Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t say that fighting does necessarily meaning physical altercations, especially in this digital age.

    Thanks for your post, it provoked a lot of thought.

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