What a democracy would be to me?

What do I imagine a democracy would be like? I would start off first by saying I would want a democracy to keep their promises to everyone who is involved. A democracy that gives everyone the same chances, same amount of equity, and given the same resources. I googled “intersectionality ” to refresh my memory the example of how to use the word in a sentence was “through an awareness of intersectionality, we can better acknowledge and ground the differences among us”. Perfect example of what a good democracy would be by not identifying one genders, age , race, social class, and more but by putting aside everything and coming together as one to make changes. To overthrow anti-white supremacy and anti-capitalism. I know the rich want to stay rich and the anti-capitalists and supremacy would like to restore and repeat history. But it’s up to everyone who would want a fair, liberal, and more opportunities for ourselves so we can all come together and build an empire. Yes, it will not be easy but just imagine. For our extended family we plan on creating, for a better today and for a better tomorrow. We must take accountability just as much as those we feel are superior. We must make ourselves feel superior to want a change. To further educate ourselves, to be a voice to those in our communities, to give them more knowledge on what they can go get at the moment whether its a job,making a library card in order to read, and even watching CNN to understand what is going on around the world and understanding their liberal views. To encourage to get more and better education to make a difference. If Barack Obama can be the first Black African-American President. We can create a democracy and liberation one day.

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