Better late than never, what happened in August was….

It was a great relief when I realized that I finally had summer break coming up. I had decided to take too many classes in the short semester, so I was desperate for a reprieve. When I realized that the institute was scheduled during that break I would be lying if I didn’t say to myself, “can’t I just have a minute!”. I felt this way right up until I walked into the Graduate Center. Just being there again gave me a tinge of excitement. The excitement of possibility. I did know that it at least would be an invigorating day because I had gone over all the material that was required, and the list was incredible. But what I was not expecting was to come out more inspired and excited about starting a new semester. It was amazing to be back with like-minded people who felt the need to discuss social injustice and education reform.

I was so entranced that I even forgot how desperate I was to take some time off. These issues, education reform and social injustice, are incredibly important to me and it was great to be reminded that I could help make a difference. It was also great to see that there were other students who were working just as hard as I was. Since this is my second round of higher education, I pride myself on being hyper focused and overzealous. This can be a great way to live, but it also can be exhausting. So, it was great to see that I had a community of students around me that were pushing themselves just as hard as I was. I became increasingly excited for what classes and events we were going to be a part of, and it really motivated me to look in more detail about furthering my education at the graduate center.

It is always great to be reminded that you are not alone. That you are not the only one who feels that change needs to occur. And it is especially great to realize that someone recognizes your work ethic. I feel that with this initiative I will be able to push myself even more and find greater opportunities to help bring about the change that I want to see within myself, and within institutions that need it.

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  1. Jacqueline, I am so glad that you feel this way about the institute! One of the unique components of the program is bringing diverse students across CUNY together to create a sense of belonging. CUNY can be a beast where many students feel that their experiences and ideas are unique because they don’t have a community. Welcome., Jacqueline.

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