Why Hong Kong’s Protest Carries an Important Meaning

           In the Attorney, directed by Woo-Seok Yang in 2015, an attorney utters the cry of justice against the unjust government power in court. He insists “Sovereignty lies with the people. All authority is granted by the people. The people are the nation.” I believe what the attorney mentions must be the essence of democracy and this essence should make constitutional laws. In other words, these laws are the social system that would actualize justice. Then, this justice would guarantee equality before the law; lastly, that democracy would complete with free speech and free press. Although the “ideal” democracy seems to be obvious in modern society—since we live in a democratic state, unequal and senseless punishment still occurs. Moreover, powerful nations still interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. 

           This summer, 1.7 million anti-government protesters staged street rallies for one purpose: the creation of democratic power against China. Even though Hong Kong’s people never had complete democracy in history, their struggle to create a better society for descendants conveys an important message to the world. In South Korea, millions of protests in 2016 – 2017 stepped out into the street to resist against the unjust government. In other words, democracy doesn’t get formed without their blood, sweat, and tears. Democratic citizens sometimes need to have the courage to fight against unfair individuals who have stronger power. That might require them a spirit of sacrifice. However, their braveness would let our descendants live in the fairer society. Therefore, people should think about the message from Hong Kong and the genuine meaning of democracy again. 

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  1. Yoon, agreed! I think people across the world are tired of the injustice that occurs in their respective country and know that they will have to fight for something more meaningful than what they currently have. The inequities and injustices that are wielded by the powers that be are seeing more resistance on a global resistance for human rights. The protest in Hong Kong is the tip of the iceberg for the goal of the people of China, but it’s a start.

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