Does Democracy exist in today’s society?

From what I have learned from Dr. Bianca Williams’s presentation, I will define democracy as a political power in which all social beings are allowed to exist and participant in a particular society as a whole. I do believe democracy and liberation are synonymous. “For the people, by the people,” speaks out for me when I think of democracy since resources must be made available to better the people that reside in a particular area. Nonetheless, there are also rules and regulations to make sure power is limited which helps make sure society functions toward a positive approach. Democracy should focus on liberation, equality, freedom, and justice within the community. Over time, if democracy is rebuilt, there would be liberation for all. As a community, sanctuary approach should be voiced heavily to create an impact that is external and internal to our society. Oppression can end if people are given freedom in a collectivist environment which will allow them to have individual freedom as well. Dr. William also spoke about the impact of intersectionality within democracy. Intersectionality is the ability to connect all genders, race, and sex in one setting which can cause a particular individual to experience both oppression and privilege at the same thing. As a society, we should educate ourselves to appreciate differences and how not one person has an identical experience within a system that enables power. Democracy also plays a huge part in exploitation that comes from capitation. If Democracy were to exist, it should exist for each individual that is contributing to society. There are various powers that are marginalizing certain people such as bad working conditions which removes equity. Democracy brings forward various questions in regards to welfare oppression. Oppression is one of the factors that does not highlight democracy in today’s society. As a community, it is important to protest and challenged the political power to make sure our access is not limited. People have a huge accountability to establish democracy and one way to do so is to become a voice that supports change. If an individual is seen and empowered, democracy will occur and help that individual to obtain a sense of liberation overtime.

As a student at CUNY, I am fortunate to be apart of a diverse institution that promotes equity. Equity refers to the principle of fairness which offers an equitable start for all children to encourage better economic and social outcomes. Equity in education, however, differs in each educational institutions due to funding and budget issues. Education equity is important to ensure all students are able to achieve their academic potential. Academic content and support are important for the student to access in order to meet their educational needs. In my opinion education with equity refers to the idea that the student is given support and scaffolding for their educational progress to be effective. As a student, I contribute to society by being able to generate ideas to give back and improve the community. I am able to learn from a broad-spectrum that allows me to learn how society functions in different ways rather than focusing on my perspective. Also, as someone who hopes to become an Elementary teacher, I believe I will contribute to society in terms of impacting the future generation. I will be responsible for a student’s learning which also impacts their leadership qualities. I am able to offer my voice through this blog as I bring awareness of Democracy. In today’s society, it is important to become a leader and foster ideas that urges society to contribute individually that will eventually make a larger effect.

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  1. Akampreet, I whole-heartedly agree with you when you say, “Democracy should focus on liberation, equality, freedom, and justice.” If everyone is not liberated/free/equal then justice does not exist. Currently, in the United States is not a democracy based on these factors. The oppression that you mention impacts so many groups of people and their education. You becoming an educator with the intention to “foster ideas that urges society to contribute individually that will eventually make a larger effect” works towards to your idea of democracy :-).

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