What Fall 2019 represents for me?

Higher education is important to each of us in The Future Initiative as we discussed it gives us a chance to obtain knowledge, freedom, or set an example for others to follow. Often times, we tend to feel discouraged since we might still not know everything or feel like we are behind our peers academically. From our first meeting, I learned instead of removing yourself from a situation, it is important to educate oneself. My mindset for the Fall 2019 school semester is to find opportunities to offer a voice for important issues. I am starting my first semester in which I am taking my education major courses. I am confident and hope to learn many useful ways that make a classroom effective for all students. This semester I also want to push myself out of my comfort zone. I want to take advantage of opportunities I currently have as a student and become more mindful of the present moment. I want to use the resources available to me to give back such as organizing a book drive on my campus to give back to children in need. I want to grow as a leader and the only way to do is to continue educating myself. I am excited to complete my bachelors in Elementary Education. I hope to keep that excitement till the end and to nurture a growth mindset. I want to develop key foundations for myself which reminds me to stay determined and positive as I accomplish my goals.

One key element that resonated with me from my experience at the Undergraduate Leadership and Democracy Institute is to believe in myself on a daily basis. Also to constantly remind yourself that, “I am enough!” It is important to be aware of your mindset since it impacts your attitude. In the society we currently live in, it is important to educate ourselves continually to appreciate ourselves and others around us. The Futures Initiative will allow me to share my opinions and understand Democracy. My goal from this program to understand what Democracy means and how I play a part in making an impact on our society. My experience has reshaped my thinking of what a leader is. Leaders are not always the ones with a loud voice, it could be someone who doesn’t speak much but still get everything done. This experience has pushed me to view myself as a leader and to not be afraid of being uncomfortable since there’s where the most learning takes place.

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  1. Akampreet, I am so happy of what you took away from the institute!!!!! Everything that you mentioned is what we aim for the Leaders to see and actualize. Welcome, Akampreet!

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